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This is a moderate track for advanced players Empty This is a moderate track for advanced players

Post  cow13 on Wed May 21, 2008 11:34 am

18 1i 4c 18,18 1i 4c 1i 5a -1i 4c -1i 5a 1i 5a -1i,4c 1i 5a 1i,4c -1i 4c 1i,3o 1i 4c -18,4c -u 3e 1i,34 1i 4c -k,4c -a 2q 1i,2g 1i 4c 0,4c a 26 1i,1s 1i 4c k,4c u 1i 1i,-18 1i -3o 1i -3o 1s -26 1s,-3o 1s -42 1s -42 26 -2g 26,-42 26 -4c 26 -4c 2g -2q 2g,-4c 2g -4m 2g -4m 2q -34 2q,-4m 2q -50 2q -50 34 -3e 34,-50 34 -5a 34 -5a 3e -3o 3e,-5a 3e -5k 3e -5k 3o -42 3o,-5k 3o -5u 3o -5u 42 -4c 42,-5u 42 -68 42 -68 4c -4m 4c,-68 4c -6i 4c -6i 4m -50 4m,-6i 4m -6s 4m -6s 50 -5a 50,-6s 50 -76 50 -76 5a -5k 5a,-76 5a -7g 5a -7g 5k -5u 5k,-7g 5k -7q 5k -7q 5u -68 5u,-7q 5u -84 5u -em 5u -ie 5u -io b8,-ie 5u -ie b8 -gs b8 -gs 5u -ie b8 -q8 b8,-gs b8 -ie 5u,-gs b8 5a b8 5a 1i,-j2 b8 -ie 68,-ie 6i -jc b8,-jm b8 -ie 6s,-ie 76 -k0 b8,-ka b8 -ie 7g,-ie 7q -kk b8,-ku b8 -ie 84,-ie 8e -l8 b8,-li b8 -ie 8o,-ie 92 -ls b8,-m6 b8 -ie 9c,-ie 9m -mg b8,-mq b8 -ie a0,-ie aa -n4 b8,-ne b8 -ie ak,-ie au -no b8 -r6 b8 -tm 84,-no b8 -ie b8,-r6 b8 -tm b8 -vi 5u -vi b8 -tm b8 -tm 68 -tm 5u -vi b8,-tm 5u -tc b8,-t2 b8 -tm 68,-tm 6i -so b8,-se b8 -tm 6s,-tm 76 -s4 b8,-rq b8 -tm 7g,-tm 7q -rg b8,-tm 8e -qs b8,-qi b8 -tm 8o,-tm 92 -q8 b8,-pu b8 -tm 9c,-tm 9m -pk b8,-pa b8 -tm a0,-tm aa -p0 b8,-om b8 -tm ak,-tm au -oc b8,42 1i 4c -1i,-1s 1i -68 5u,-15q 4c -18k 4c -18k b8 -v8 b8,-18k 4c -18u b8,-18k b8 -1hm b8,-18k b8 -18u b8,-198 b8 -18k 4m,-18k 50 -19i b8,-19s b8 -18k 5a,-18k 5k -1a6 b8,-1ag b8 -18k 5u,-18k 68 -1aq b8,-1b4 b8 -18k 6i,-18k 6s -1be b8,-1bo b8 -18k 76,-18k 7g -1c2 b8,-1cc b8 -18k 7q,-18k 84 -1cm b8,-1d0 b8 -18k 8e,-18k 8o -1da b8,-18k 92 -1dk b8,-1du b8 -18k 9c,-18k 9m -1e8 b8,-1ei b8 -18k a0,-18k aa -1es b8,-1f6 b8 -18k ak,-18k au -1fg b8,-1hc b8 -1r2 b8 -25m b8,-29o b8 -252 b8,-2a2 b8 -2gu b8,-2ga b8 -286 b8 -2f2 b8 -2f2 9m -2f2 9c -2nq b8 -2g0 b8,-2f2 b8 -2eo 9c -2ee b8 -2e4 9c -2dq b8 -2dg 9c -2d6 b8 -2cs 9c -2ci b8 -2c8 9c -2bu b8 -2bk 9c -2ba b8 -2b0 9c -2am b8 -2ac 9c -2a2 b8 -2a2 9c -2f2 9c -2f2 b8,-2a2 9c -23q b8,-1s 4m -1s 92,-1s 4m a 4m k 50 u 5k u 5u k 68 0 6i -1s 6i u 6i 1i 6s 1s 7g 1s 84 1i 8o u 92 -1s 92,-26 4m -1s 4c k 4c u 4m u 3o 18 34,-26 4m -26 3o -2g 34 -1s 3o -1s 34 -18 3o -k 26 0 3o k 34 k 3o 18 34,-148 5u -tm 5u,-18 1i 18 1i,-15q 4c -15q 4m -15g 4m -15g 50 -156 50 -156 5a -14s 5a -14s 5k -14i 5k -14i 5u -148 5u -14i 5k,-13k 5u -14i 5k,-366 b8 -366 76 -366 3e -38c 3e,-366 76 -358 3e,-366 76 -35s b8,-35i b8 -366 7g -35s 3e,-366 7q -358 b8,-34u b8 -366 84,-366 8e -34k b8,-34a b8 -366 8o,-366 92 -340 b8,-33m b8 -366 9c,-366 9m -33c b8,-332 b8 -366 a0,-366 aa -32e b8,-31q b8 -366 ak,-366 au -316 b8,-366 3e -38c b8 -38c 3e,-38c b8 -35s b8,-366 3e -31q 3e -2u2 3e -2u2 76 -2uc 3e,-31q 3e -2u2 3o,-31q 3e -366 3o -324 3e,-32e 3e -366 3o,-366 42 -324 3e,-32e 3e -366 4c,-366 4m -32o 3e,-332 3e -366 50,-366 5a -33c 3e,-33m 3e -366 5k,-366 5u -340 3e,-34a 3e -366 68,-366 6i -34k 3e,-34u 3e -366 6s,-35i 3e -366 7g,-366 b8 -38c 3e,-2um 3e -2u2 6s,-2u2 68 -2u2 6i -2v0 3e,-2va 3e -2u2 68,-2u2 5u -2vk 3e,-2vu 3e -2u2 5k,-2u2 5a -308 3e,-30i 3e -2u2 50,-2u2 4m -30s 3e,-316 3e -2u2 4c,-2u2 42 -31g 3e,-2te b8 -2o4 b8 -2ng b8,-2te 13k -2te 1cm,-332 1cm -36q 1cm,-332 1cm -2te 1cm,-35i 1cm -3d2 1cm -3ja 1cm -3ks 19s -3me 1cm -3ks 1cm -3me 19s -3sc 19s -3sc 106 -3vq 106 -3vq 1cm -3sc 1cm -3q6 19s -3oa 1cm -3me 19s -3me 1cm,-3ja 19s -3j0 1cm,-3im 1cm -3ja 1a6,-3ja 1ag -3ic 1cm,-3i2 1cm -3ja 1aq,-3ja 1b4 -3ho 1cm,-3he 1cm -3ja 1be,-3ja 1bo -3h4 1cm,-3gq 1cm -3ja 1c2,-3ja 1cc -3gg 1cm,-3ja 1cm -3ja 19s -3ks 1cm -3ja 1cm,-3ja 19s -3ks 19s -3me 19s,-3ks 19s -3ks 1cm,-3ks 19s -3ja 19s,-2te 13k -2te b8,-2te 12c -2to 1cm,-2u2 1cm -2te 12m,-2te 130 -2uc 1cm,-2um 1cm -2te 13a,-2te 13k -2v0 1cm,-2va 1cm -2te 13u,-2te 148 -2vk 1cm,-2te 14i -2vu 1cm,-308 1cm -2te 14s,-2te 156 -30i 1cm,-30s 1cm -2te 15g,-2te 15q -316 1cm,-31g 1cm -2te 164,-2te 16e -31q 1cm,-324 1cm -2te 16o,-2te 172 -32e 1cm,-32o 1cm -2te 17c,-2te 17m -332 1cm,-33c 1cm -2te 180,-2te 18a -33m 1cm,-340 1cm -2te 18k,-2te 18u -34a 1cm,-34k 1cm -2te 198,-2te 19i -34u 1cm,-358 1cm -2te 19s,-2te 1a6 -35i 1cm,-35s 1cm -2te 1ag,-2te 1aq -366 1cm,-36g 1cm -2te 1b4,-2te 1be -36q 1cm,-2te 1bo -374 1cm,-37e 1cm -2te 1c2,-2te 1cc -37o 1cm,-366 b8 -30i b8,-3sc 19s -3sc 1cm -3m4 1cm,-3o0 1cm -3oa 1cm -3oa 19s -3me 1cm,-3q6 19s -3q6 1cm -3sc 19s,-3oa 19s -3q6 1cm,-3us 114 -3us 13a,-3us 114 -3tk 114,-3us 12c -3tu 12c,-3us 14i -3ta 14i,-3tu 14i -3tu 16o,-3v6 16o -3t0 16o,-3us 18a -3us 1ag,-3us 18a -3tk 1ag -3tk 18a##B -3j0 19i b8,S -3j0 19i,T -3ks 19i,B -t2 6s 11o,S -t2 6s,T -2c8 84,T -1b4 8e,T -164 3o,T -t2 6s,T -j2 6s,T 3o -18,T -6i 3e,B -2r8 ak jm,T -2uc ec


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