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Post  Cow13 on Wed May 21, 2008 11:46 am

18 1h 18 22 1p 22 1p 2j 29 2j 29 33 2q 33 2q 3k 3b 3k 3b 45 3r 45 3r 4l 4c 4l 4c 56 4t 56 4t 5n 5d 5n 5d 67 5u 67 5u 6o 6f 6o 9j 9s o5 9s,o4 9s o4 9j od 9j od 9a om 9a om 91 ov 91 ov 8o p8 8o p8 8f ph 8f ph 86 pq 86 pq 7t q3 7t q3 7k qc 7k 10i 7k 10i b0 17j b0 14p 9j 14p b0,17j b0 1ff b0 1j4 b0 1kq ae 1kq ij 1l3 ia 1l3 ij 1lc je 1lc ij 1ll je 1ll ij 1lu je 1mp ij 1mp je 1nb is 1nt j5 1rr ec 20t i1 2c5 i1 2b1 ho 29t i1 2h7 i1 2ln is 2qp k9 318 nl 375 op 3f1 op,3f0 oq 3ha oq 3ha pi 3i2 pi 3i2 qb 3ir qb 3ir r4 3jk r4 3jk rs 3kc rs 3kc sl 3l5 sl 3l5 te 3lu te 3lu u6 3mm u6 3mm uv 3nf uv 3nf vn 3o7 vn 3o7 10g 3p0 10g 3p0 vn 3pp vn 3pp uv 3qh uv 3qh u6,3ra te 3s3 te 3s3 sl 3sr sl,46r r4 4rk 10g 5in 10g,5il 10j 5jm 11i 5ki 12e 5lt 13e 5ng 148 5p3 14v 5qt 15k 5sg 164 5u0 16g 5vh 16p 617 174 630 179 64o 177 668 16s 67h 16c 68k 15o 69v 14u 6b6 14a 6ci 13s 6e1 13q 6fg 145 6gs 14o 6i5 15i 6jd 16c 6kn 176 6m1 181 6nd 18r 6oq 19l 6q8 1af 6rm 1ba 6t8 1c2 6ut 1cp 70e 1d2 71l 1d6 72v 1d7 743 1cu 752 1cb 767 1bk 77i 1bf 78t 1bn 79n 1cc 7ae 1da 7bg 1eb 7cp 1f8 7e0 1fv 7fb 1gk 7gs 1h6 7ie 1hh 7k1 1hn 7lk 1hp 7n6 1hk,7n6 1hk 7oq 1he 7qe 1h9 7s3 1h4 7to 1gv 7vh 1gr 81a 1gn 835 1gg 851 1g7 86t 1ft 88o 1fm 8a8 1ft 8bi 1g5 8ct 1gg 8ea 1gq 8fo 1h5 8h8 1hg 8iq 1hq 8kc 1i4 8lv 1if 8ni 1ip 8p6 1j4 8qr 1je 8sg 1jo 8u6 1k3 8vs 1kd 91i 1kn 938 1l2 94u 1lc 96l 1lm 98c 1m0 9a3 1mb 9bq 1ml 9dh 1mv 9f8 1n9 9gv 1nk 9in 1nu 9ke 1o7 9m7 1og 9o0 1op 9pr 1p1 9rm 1p9 9th 1pg 9ve 1pl a1a 1pl a36 1pf a51 1p5 a6p 1ol a8b 1ns a9s 1n0 abb 1lu,abb 1lu acj 1kl adh 1j7 ae7 1hu aen 1go,-u 3o -u 68,-u 3o 0 3o a 42 a 4m 0 50 -u 50 k 50 u 5a u 5u k 68 -u 68,-18 3o -u 3e 0 3e a 3o a 34 k 2q,-18 3o -18 34 -1i 2q -18 2q -18 2g -u 2q -k 1i -a 1i 0 2q a 2g a 2q k 2q,18 1i -1i 1i,3qh u5 3ra u5 3ra tc,3sn sl 46t r3,aem 1go aio 1go aio 3m4 apk 3m4 apu 3ta,apk 3m4 apk 3ta b1o 3ta,apk 3nc apk 3n2,atm 3ta b80 3ta b80 3q6 b80 3l6,aq8 3ta apk 3me,apk 3mo aqi 3ta,aqs 3ta apk 3n2,apk 3nc ar6 3ta,apk 3nm arg 3ta,arq 3ta apk 3o0,apk 3oa as4 3ta,ase 3ta apk 3ok,apk 3ou aso 3ta,at2 3ta apk 3p8,apk 3pi atc 3ta,atm 3ta apk 3ps,apk 3q6 au0 3ta,aua 3ta apk 3qg,apk 3qq auk 3ta,auu 3ta apk 3r4,apk 3re av8 3ta,avi 3ta apk 3ro,apk 3s2 avs 3ta,b06 3ta apk 3sc,apk 3sm b0g 3ta,b0q 3ta apk 3t0,b80 3q6 b72 3r4 b64 3ro b56 3sm b48 3ta,b72 3r4 b80 3ro b72 3sc b80 3ta,b72 3r4 b72 3sc,b64 3ro b72 3sc,b56 3sm b5q 3ta b72 3sc,b5g 3sc b7c 3sm b6o 3ta,b56 3sm b56 3ta##T ado 1h2,T 89k 1ei,T 77i 1aq,T 6dk 130,T 3t0 rq,T 2b0 h6,T 1k6 9m,T rq 76,T 4c 42


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